My code of loyalty is strictly followed.

1.) Never trust just anyone, Espeicaly if they ask to be you'r friend first.

2.) Don't betray...

3.) Always respect your elders and masters...

4.) Life is a gift... But so is death.. Be kind and take both gifts with pride and happiness

5.) Show respect to all that deserve...

6.) When killing be quiet and swift don't let anyone see where you went.

7.) A simple human cannot hide there thoughts from a wolf at all.

8.) When fighting stay loyal and don't cheat record the fight in your mind to prepare for another battle later in the future

9.) A true fighter can fight no matter what the circumstances...

10.) And never trust again
I Don't tell anyone but maybe my close friends who my alt is
And I won't trade my favorite gears, Nior psi, Twin kodachi, Ro vacuum are examplesRead More

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  • Sunshine Garden's!

    Comments Re-added "Behave this time!" Dynamic Lighting Added Changes to admin script RULES! ---------------------------------------- 1. No Team killing 2. No Abusing admin 3. Report hackers and find a way to contact me 4. No spawnkilling

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  • Testing Zone

    For testing Gears, Personal testing basically for gears,models,scripts I'm using this for those reasons.

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  • The Land of Enternal -Lake Of Life.-

    A Era of Dusk and Dawn has emerged. You have lost your way and end up awaking in this land... Stunned by the fact its in the sky and there is no land below it or above it you strive to survive and try to re-colonize this world even thoe the lost people have turned into demons. You Wonder when you'll ever return to your rightful home... or is this your rightfull home... you no longer remember anything.. or do you? Ideal's and Truth's have wiped you clean of whats true and what you should believe in. As time never changes and as you try to keep everyone sane and living. You find yourself the only hero or herione to be in this land... ----Turtorial!--- 1.No Gears that change Area's (Exp: Staff of stony justice) 2. No Using Rayguns of anysort 3.Yes splintered sky korbloxican and redcliff roleplay is allowed here 4. Please Report Spawnkillers to me. 5. Please Report people who violate these rules 6.AND IF YOU DONT DO #4,6 I'll FIND YOU AND BAN YOU. 7. Please when fighting make i

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