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    🎢 ASTERIX PARK IS ON ROBLOX 🎢 By Toutatis, take on the God of Gauls on the Metatoutatis server! 🎉 ENTER THE FESTIVAL TOUTATIS 🎉 Golden Boar's Playground, Au Dolmen Gourmand restaurant, Toutatis attraction queue... you can tour the new area of the Park as if you were there! 🤩 DISCOVER REAL SENSATIONS 🤩 The game continues the journey from the Toutatis attraction of Asterix Park to the heart of an immersive game! Visit the Toutatis Festival to meet friends... and rivals! 🛡 ACHIEVE A MAXIMUM OF POINTS 🛡 Spray all the shields you come across with your fresh fish and Roman helmets! None should resist your throws. Good luck in your quest, Gaulish! Tags: roller, coaster, rollercoaster, park, park, asterix, roleplay, shoot, shooter, fps, france, french, amusement, attraction, fun, train, cart, toutatis, village

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