• Magix💖High [UPDATE 3!]

    ✨ Dreams Are Never-Ending, Your Adventure Awaits... ✨ ~♡☆ Castle Announcements ☆♡~ 🏰 UPDATE 3 IS OUT!!!!: Castle Interior! (woohoo!!) You can finally enter the main building! (finally) ☆ Be sure to speak to Upperclassman Phoebe to grab your Magix High Student Starter Kit! 📣 Be sure to grab yourself a Magix High Cheer Uniform on the Group Store and be sure to join the group for future updates & letting us know about pesky bugs that need to be cleaned in our next Castle Cleaning! ~♡☆ Welcome to Magix High School! ☆♡~ In a magical dreamland, you will study at the best Boarding School for Guardian Fairies in training of all the realms! Go to classes, role-play, and make new friends! This game is heavily inspired by callmehbob's Royale High. In no way is my intention to be "The Next Royale High" or start unnecessary drama in the community, I simply want to develop a fun fan game with my friends to show my appreciation for Royale High and its team!

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