I'm just a guy who makes videos on YouTube once in a blue moon. Since an update has removed the capability to add text to friend requests (I'm not even going to bother asking why),  I'm no longer accepting friend requests from people I don't know. Surprisingly, lots of people still ask me about the videos and such. To be honest, I will probably make another video of this again, just to wrap up the series. Don't ask me when, however, and no, chances are you won't be in it since I want it to be more of a solo thing.

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  • Luckyest4's Resort 2013 Mix (b2)

    Newest update: Small changes to accomodate dynamic lighting. Since Lucky Adventure no longer worked and people still like the old resort, I figured I'd make a newer version of it. This is still largely a work in progress and I intend to add more features to it. And no, I still don't play this game actively, I just needed a functioning place if people wanted to talk to me on here. Everything is tested working right now. If pressing "X" to stop a plane doesn't work, reselect the tool and try again. Features a kick script if someone's annoying you. Additionally, a functioning teleporter to Luckyest3's Resort is available. If you want to make a teleporter to this place, the spawn name is "Luckyest4Resort".

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