Welcome to my profile. You'll probably catch me playing Dungeon Quest or Bee Swarm Simulator.
Keep reading to see info on Friend Requests, my Privacy Settings, and where else to contact me.

I accept friend requests from: 
- People I know from outside of Roblox or regularly chat with on Roblox.
- People I remember from the Roblox Forums (I made 23000+ posts in RT and OT).

Privacy Settings:
- ALL PLAYERS can follow me into games
- FOLLOWERS can send messages [if your settings allow for me to respond]
- FOLLOWERS can send trades. I typically ignore most offers. [Piano Man = BLOCK. Repeated lowball = BLOCK]

Additional Contact Methods:
- Fandom: Trashh [I mainly contribute to the Dungeon Quest Roblox page]
- Steam powered: /id/Row e [no space]
- Disco: lev hashtag 2001


  • Random Urbana House

    The most recognizable landmark in all of emo culture. All that's there is a rough rendition of the front lawn.

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  • twnn

    work in progress

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