You will always remember about the issue that you want to forget... -Content_Loaded
print("hello world") :P
Powering Imagination ;)                                                                                                                           Click here to read more! >>> 
Made the Front page last year with my Ride a cart into Annoying orange game!

Hello, I am Content_Loaded call me "Content" for short ツ 
My Goals 
- Be a successful game creator 
- Get lots of people to join PLUSH Salon, stay tooned ;)
- Be able to buy my dream hat, Sparkle Time Fedora 
- Be able to buy my dream hat, Dominus 

I am a builder and a mini developer 
|Don't bother sending a friend request. I will accept it if I know you in the real world, or you are a developer. Another way of seeing what I'm up to is by clicking the follow button up there! :) 
If someone is claiming that they are me, my Sec ond account is: ii Super sonic blast.

Check out my little sister on my following page: PacManRead More

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  • Portal Tycoon

    👍👍LEAVE A LIKE SO I KNOW THAT YOU GUYS WANT A NEW PORTAL THAT TAKES YOU TO A NEW WORLD!👍👍 Portal Tycoon) Thank you all for the support! It really means alot to me :) Game passes are out! -ULTRA VIP -VIP Do you think you can finish this Tycoon? Like 👍 And favorite ★ if you think this Game is Amazing! Hope you Enjoy!

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  • [HALLOWEEN!] 🎃Caveman Simulator!🎃

    Welcome to the island! 🎃~HALLOWEEN UPDATE!~🎃 Join the Group for free vip admin! 🔥 Train your muscles to become huge and powerful!! And defeat your caveman friends! *New game so expect bugs, or glitches. -Saving stats coming soon! * New game passes! -VIP coming soon! * If you lose your size, you will still have your strength.

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  • [UPDATE] Survive in the Excavation site

    ANOTHER [NEW UPDATE!] {What's new?} -SHIFT TO SPRINT! -NEW MAP! -NEW LUGER! -NEW AND IMPROVED ENEMIES! -FIXED FIDGET SPINNER! -NEW MONSTER! Do you think you can survive PennyWise, Slender man, Jeff the killer, Sonic.exe, Bendy, and Zombies? Game Version: Survive in the Excavation site Save Mr. President (Game made for) Xbox Ones, Computers and devices! CREDITS: Zer nov

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  • ★Ride a cart into ANNOYING ORANGE★

    ★Ride a cart into ANNOYING ORANGE★ Along the way you find an apple, pineapple and a banana! ★UPDATE★ -New Orange Cart -Raining Annoying orange -New Vip door -Some improvements -New death saving system -Extra little things 🍊 🍊 🍊

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  • i just had to..


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  • [BENDY] Heroes Vs Zombies

    This game is brand new so expect some bugs or glitches. This is an Remake of an old game I used to play! What's New? --------------------------------- -New Killer Spinner! -New Bendy morph! -New Morph regen script! -New Data saving script! -New Heroes -New Hero Weapons -New Game passes If you liked this game don't forget to like (👍) it and favorite (⭐) I hope you guys enjoy!

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  • [UPDATE] Lucky Block Mayhem

    NEW UPDATE! Welcome to Lucky Block Mayhem [BETA] -NEW BOSS AREA! -NEW abandoned map with zombies -KOs and WOs now save automatically! -New Game passes Keep note: this is an beta version there might be some bugs. Like the game? Thumbs Up(👍) rating and a Favorite(★) so you can play again next time! Contact me if you got any ideas for this game!

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