• Tales from the Valley

    Tales from the Valley is a PVP Adventure game with colossal battles between factions over control of the map. Explore a huge game world and discover new weaponry, spells, and abilities along your journey! ___________________ Official Group: Fan-Managed Wiki: roblox-tftv.wikia Want to discuss the game or learn how to play it? Come join the discussion! j7vcbbB Music by sulkaritari. Contributions from: Blotnik (Uniforms), Konix4 (Map), Areksu (Map), Raguza (Map), HorrorTM (Map), sedrickthebold (Map), minkle (Modelling), KerriNouveau (Modelling), Andex (Spanish), jeffreyubi (Spanish)

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  • Tales: Testing Zone

    hark, can ye hear the leviathans call out to thee? they speak with baited breath as the end of all draws near; there lies no path for the righteous nor the damned. all that remains is to Test The Game. currently working on: nothing in particular want access?

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  • RoBombz

    Use an arsenal of bombs and power-ups to take out enemies and be the last one standing! (Inspired by Super Bomberman, give it a try!) Controls: Space - Place Bomb E - Remote Detonator WASD - Move If you encounter any bugs, send me a PM and I'll fix them. Changelog: 27 Jan - Spawns are randomised. 24 Jan - Increased item spawn-rates. 22 Jan - Stats will now save between servers.

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