Hi I'm RUBZTER300, I like playing with friends who are talkative and crazy. I somewhat understand language like English, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish & Bahasa.

At sea living in a VLCC for months together with a crew full of mundane and crazy people including myself. Only seeing land and loved ones once in a blue moon, while facing the dangers and perils of the sea. Various feeling and pain is felt, blood and tears flooded the deck as we walk by. Storms and swells rocks our coffin made of steel but nevertheless our spirit endure as we know someone is waiting for our safe return. Hoping this game of punishment end as our contract comes to a close but until then may Poseidon have mercy on us.


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  • A Dinozaur'z Life V4 RC

    {:playing monkey theme zound track:} #### ## a Dinozaur and zurvive! Many kindz of Dinozaurz to chooze and play while roleplaying with other playerz, either become friend or foe is your choice! 1. Zelect a Team 2. Chooze a Dinozaur in that Team by Zaying itz Name 3. Keep your Ztatuz Above 0 4. Reach Adulthood 5. Don't Die 6. zZzZz Zup pipz RUBz here, future updatez will conzizt of terrain Makeover, Fauna, new dinozaurs and weather! yay! Original by RUBZTER300 -Info of ADL'z updatez and next updatez are zhown above the zcreen in-game.

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