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  • 5th Panzer Division ''Wiking"

    5th Panzer Division ''Wiking" Als Erste Rein, Als Letzte Raus! First in, last out! We are a gaming community that has moved onwards from Roblox. • Dislaimer Disclaimer: This group is NOT affiliated with any political/religious belief/organization. We are reenactors who honor the fallen in World War II. This group condemns any political, religious, and radical groups. We welcome ALL people. • Bio The 5th Panzer Division "Wiking" was an elite Panzer division. It was recruited from foreign European volunteers. During the course of World War II, the division served on the Eastern Front.

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  • ƒƒKaisertum Österreichƒ


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  • [I] Verdun Development Group

    (About) This group stands as a development group for the ROBLOX game, Verdun, which is a roleplaying-theme place in which you get to simulate what it is to live and fight during the WWI Time-Period. But, usually the game isn't 100% accurate. It isn't meant to be very popular and is only meant to be for people itching to play non-professional WWI. (Link to Game) (Link to Hub) (Current Stage) N/A (Want To Become an Admin?) (Rules For All Admins) (Admin Applications) [OPEN, MUST BE ACTIVE]

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  • [VWRP] First Marine Division

    [VWRP] Fire Marine Division ------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: The First Marine Division is the oldest Marine Division dating back from World War One All the way to Modernity. The First Marine Division has thrived through out the years known for taking the island of Guadalcanal in World War Two from the Japanese. Now the First Marine Division is Deployed in Vietnam to serve yet again. ------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Rules: **NOTE** This is just a heads ups on some of the clear basic things. -No Super Soldiers, doing this will lead to demotion - If you are an Officer Role Play as a lower ranking Person! -When Your character is speaking use "'s to Identify so. When talking OOC (Out of Character) Use Brackets, Parentheses, ect... When doing actions use these, Ex: -He'd run to the near by tree as bullets would fly over his head-

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  • [VWRP] Vietnam War RP Community

    The Vietnam War, fought from 1955 to 1975. Allied troops were deployed to Vietnam to stop the spread of communism in Vietnam. The North Vietnamese government and the VietCong fought to reunify Vietnam. The The war was fought between North Vietnam, supported by many other communist nations. The American Military troops arrived at Vietnam to fight in thick jungle, poor conditions, and such. Rules: 1. Please wear accurate uniforms fitted to the correct era, or use the uniforms given 2. Please do not FRP (Fail roleplay) I.E "Headshots" or "Kills" 3. To kill an enemy they must either be on your side of map, which then you can automaticly kill them, or you have to be on their side and you need their permission for the kill. 4. Do not attempt to steal the tanks, or "glitch" them. 5. Please role-play appropriately. RP Guide: MUST READ ! EXTRA GAMEPASSES:

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