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My name is Joseph, and I live in England.
Feel free to message me.

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  • Unofficial EGG HUNT 2020

    3 April - 5 NEW eggs have been added to cloud city! 17 Mar - A new egg was added to celebrate 1K group members!! 29 Feb - Addded challenges! Press on the stats button in-game to check them out!! 22 Feb - Added a stats page! You can now see how much of what eggs you have collected! 18 Jan - HUGE update! A massive new area has appeared in the clouds! 10 new eggs have been added in this area!! Thanks for playing! 🥚 Hello, welcome to my egg hunt! 🥚 This is a work in progress, don't expect it to be perfect. Search for up to 42 eggs! Mostly built and scripted by me. I did not make the eggs. Enjoy! Premium benefits: - Skip to the end of obbies you are stuck on with premium! Special Thanks to: - EndorsedModel - StupidMurders - SteveMeowsky THIS GAME IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ROBLOX EVENT

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  • Survive the EPIC Disasters

    Survive the disasters, which are very epic. In this game, you survive various disasters and earn points for surviving. Points can be spent on gears to make it easier to survive. Enjoy the game! (This game is a WIP and is getting updated all the time) Follow the game for update notifications! Thanks to the following for suggesting disasters: ImSpongebobed Magicalrainbowpoopz pawlutekkundelyt NooblyNoobBIG Special thanks to: V_yriss

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