A small-time developer you may or may not have heard of, and the (somewhat) proud owner of Cosmic Co. Industries!

I've aided in projects such as:
-Criminality (by RVVZ)
-Dead Slate (by fearlesswee)
-The Undead Coming (OG Version) (by Triple A Batteries)
..and a few others.

I make games sometimes on an enhanced toaster oven. That's about it.
Thanks for stopping by my profile!


  • Color Canyon [ALPHA]

    This game is still in ALPHA. Everything is subject to change, and data may or may not be wiped at my own discretion. Expect to see occasional bugs or performance drops. A simplistic game where people band together to restore life to long forgotten relics of the past and get things off one's mind.

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  • eat sand

    Experience the popular trend of going on a sand-only diet! You won't get much nutrition, but hey, at least you get a few calories and some calcium! Welcome to the Quality of Life update! NOTICE: Yes, I'm still working on the update. It's scheduled for this summer. Stay tuned! PLEASE NOTE: This game is still in early stages and many features are subject to change, I'm also a solo developer so updates may be sporadic.

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