• Wingfeather Saga: Adventures in Glipwood

    Welcome to The Wingfeather Saga experience in Roblox, a retro-style collectathon that invites you to step into the adventures of Glipwood. In this exciting adventure, the Fangs of Dang have raided Books and Crannies and scattered the precious texts of the Wingfeather family. It's up to you to help Janner, Tink, and Leeli retrieve them all! Explore the charming and detailed world of Aerwiar, from the quaint village of Glipwood to the eerie forests of Skree. Collect all 50 books and other valuable items to unlock new mini-games, uncover hidden areas, and progress through the game. With its retro-style graphics and gameplay, the Wingfeather experience in Roblox offers a delightful and engaging game for fans of the best-selling book series and the animated series from Angel Studios. -Controls (PC)- W,A,S,D - Movement Hold Shift - Sprint Ctrl - Crawl C - Crouch Space bar - Jump

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