Raising an army of Squidingtons,  Just change your name to (Name)Squidington join my SquidingtonProductions Group and post on the wall, You get Squidington rank and will be in my friends list.
Unfortunately i'm only allowing older accounts because i don't want to be adding people who made new accounts to just be a rank in my group!
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  • -UPD- Resize Tycoon (New!) -PVP-

    -Change Log- Boat regens not disappearing fixed [R15] DevProducts such as buying money, Somtimes it does not work until you rejoin. ~Credits~ LordSquidington - Scripter, Builder, Owner PhantomSquidington - Scripter, Builder, Co-Owner (Would not be possible without him) This is a war tycoon with a twist! You spawn on an island where you will build your tycoon from the ground up buy boats and travel to the enemy's bases and fight to be the best! We have alot of updates planned for this game so get ready! Make sure you play the whole tycoon theres a Normal and mini side to it all! 1 Hour + Gametime (Not including Fighting) Over 120+ Buttons! Rejoin for Gamepasses!!!! https://twitter.com/LordSquidington For the code Coming soon~ Cave another way to fight and get to peoples bases, a save option and much more!

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  • Escape The Cave Obby! (Adventure Obby!)

    Big update Coming soon! (UPD) New stages! over 100 stages now! The game is now r15 Escape The Cave Obby! (Adventure Obby! Coming soon = Catacombs, Maze and Wonderland! The stages save and you can also reset your stages to play again and again!! The KEY to this obby is do not die! -GAME PASSES REJOIN # NEW SERVER!- (SUPPORT) Leave # like 👍 and favourite.(HOW TO PLAY) Do the first Obstacle and then step on the your stages will go up until you get to 112! Thanks for playing Shutdown = Updates and hope you enjoy! NOTE! All game passes purchased the fund will go back into the game this will be like badges and Advertisements! And re-join new servers if game passes don't work. Corl, Alex and Sketch all played this in Febuary and i had no clue lol.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXulwRKwfgA

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  • Escape The Volcano!

    Welcome to escape the volcano obby where it's summer all year round with temperatures reaching record breaking levels you will easily get that tan! This obby was made as a side project for escape the cave just messing round with surface lights giving stuff a glowing effect. Just complete each obstacle and walk over the little button on the floor repeat until you win!

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  • The Meme Tycoon 2! -Updated-

    Welcome to Meme Tycoon 2 you can find the first game on my profile. This game is full of memes and if any very well known memes come out i will add them to this game! if one of the DevProducts dont work, alert me in group and ill will fix immediately but I've done tests and they all work sometimes you have to wait! Thanks for playing leave a like or favourite to support me and join my group for more games in the future! I apologise for exploiters if you find any tell me in my group they will be banned immediately

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