Well, as you can see, my username is Harhan.
I've been playing Roblox since late 2007.
I havent been on in a while (Like two or three years).
And now that I am back, I plan on getting a little bit more Productive.
I like to collaborate building, so if I make a map and you made somthing you want in there, or if I made a model you want to use, feel free to ask.


  • The great Stone War.

    The time has come, to claim the Magics of the Great Obolisc for your people! Red Team: Gorrens. Gold Team: Humans. Both Sides have their own Motivation for controling the powers of the stone. The gorrens, who worship the Ancient Magics, feel the humans have become too corrupt seek to claim the powers so that the humans shall have only the simple magics they have learned. The Humans, seeing the Gorren as a blight on the land, seek the powers of the stone to destroy the Gorren and spread te Glory of the Empire!

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