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    Rollbacked version of 4/1/2011 4:27:29 AM This place is a sword fighting game created by me when I was 9. Originally it was named, "Awesomeipod's Sword Fighting Arena", heavily inspired by TheGamer101's SFT game. Many memories were made with this project along to the hundreds of the other ones before and after it. It's crazy looking back and comparing 360 visits with now 20m+ heading to 30m. If I were to tell my past self I'd reach that high, I wouldn't have believed in it. I'm grateful for all the projects I created that ultimately led up to the success now. If I hadn't done so, big opportunities would've been missed. I will continue to take it to the top in 2022. Speaking and manifesting it into existence. Big Sean-Dark Skyscrapers

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