Hello! Welcome to my profile. I'm TheEldritchDreamer! 

Also known as ShapeDemBricks or SolidBlocks. I'm 21 years old with two 'disorders' being Tourette's Syndrome and Autism (MCDD). I'm from the Netherlands! 

That being said, this is my status summarized: 
- Gamefam contractor
- DevForum Regular; 
- Owner of Universal Development; 

My abilities: 
- 3D Design; (Modelling & Building) 
- 2D Design; (Mostly Graphical User Interfaces; GUI's) 
- Programming; (Still learning!)
- Planning; (Such as Google Spreadsheets or Documents; writing & styling them) 
- Translating; (NL > EN and EN > NL) 

More info about my skills here: 

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