Hello, I'm Ojbaby and I've been a developer on roblox for a very long time.
I'm mostly known for my game "Finders Keepers" which is a single player horror game.
I usually make horror games but found a huge interest for multiplayer games. On roblox I've done animations for games with over a million plays!

Groups I run:
Spiteful Studios
Joyful Studios!
Spiteful Clothing®
Ojbaby Fan Group!

The games I've worked for:
Finders Keepers - 229.3K+
💪 Big Lifting Simulator 2 - 18.3M+
Suicide Squad 💥 Roleplay Room - 8.7M+
[XMAS]🎄Boom!🎄 - 9.3M+
🥚 Egg Hatching Simulator - 1.4M+
💪🥊 Destroyer Simulator - 26.9M+

I've contributed a total of 64,829,300+ Visits in all games!

If you want to stay up to date with me, please check out my social links!


  • Finders Keepers

    ⚠️WARNING FLASHING LIGHTS!!!⚠️ About: 💀You're trapped in a house by an unknown entity as a Paranormal Investigator. Your goal is to find the disks and unleash the entity behind them. Credits: 📜https://devforum.roblox.com/t/finders-keepers-changelog/449041?u=ojbaby

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