Section I - Introduction
Section II - Trading/Limiteds
Section III - Messages/Friend Requests
Section IV - Debts

I - Introduction
Greetings and salutations! 
I am the owner of The Society of Magic. 
Anyone who claims to be me other than this account is an impostor! 

II - Trading/Limiteds
MESSAGE me your offers. My trades are DISABLED. RSTF, RGE, and Garnet are NFT. Willing to sell them for robux for the right price.
Please be careful and make sure you're certain about what you are offering before you click the "send" button when trading! 

III - Messages/Friend Requests
If you need to contact or message me, please go to my group's Roblox page (Society of Magic) and join my community server using the social link tab. 

I don't accept friend requests, but if you follow me I can follow you back! If you really think we should be friends though, message me with the reason.

IV - Debts
MattRaxen owes me 70k
SanctusAurelius owes me 70k
SolelySoul has no creations.