• The Mimic

    Book 1 has been revamped. Book 2 Chapter 2 will be worked on as well as the upcoming game, Yokai! Icon art by vanadis (25ji_mizuki) (The Mimic has voice chat! Say /vc to join a voice chat only server) CONTROLS: Shift to Run for PC L2 to Sprint for XBOX ABOUT: Four stories created from Japanese history and urban legends with a twist. In each book, you will find yourself as different characters venturing into the unknown depths of mysterious worlds. WARNING: This game contains Flashing lights, Loud Noises & Jumpscares! Join the group for updates and your support:!/about This game is not based on the movie. It was coincidentally made with the same title. For the best experience use headphones. Tags: Horror, Pineapples, Japan

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