Yes, QwertygiyII and QwertygiyIII are me.

!-> Want to send me a friend request? Send it to QwertygiyII! On this account I only friend people I know in real life! <-!

RRR is currently unsupported and considered abandoned. Do not lose hope! RRR2 is well under development and much better in many ways!

I've never had Builder's Club; in-game donations are very welcome and will be put to use making RRR a better place.

Visits as of 5/13/14:
The Hub: ~3000
RRR: ~16000

RRR2 feature list:
[100%] - Fully textured cars
[1%] - Multiple, realistic tracks
[0%] - Career mode
[0%] - Allies and rivals
[10%] - Custom car creatorRead More


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  • Key Bored Industries Games: The Hub

    Founded in 2010, Key Bored Industries strives to bring you the best games possible through Roblox, utilizing dozens of innovative features. Roblox Reality Racing 2: Coming soon, an entirely revamped game with the first fully-textured vehicles on Roblox, along with a complete custom car creator, multiple tracks, and career mode. Roblox Reality Racing: A work in progress since September 2011, RRR is a NASCAR-themed kart racing game with hundreds of vehicles, scored races, pit stops, and more. Project Ea(R)th (early testing): Have you ever wanted to play a game where the map was all of reality? Project Ea(R)th takes data from Google Maps and turns it into a three-dimensional landscape where you can build anywhere in the world with other Robloxians.

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