• 👨‍💻 Game Company Tycoon

    👨‍💻 Start in a garage, code in your very old computer, study programming, graduate, buy your own office, hire your own workers, upgrade your company, and much more. The game saves your progress automatically NEW - 🏢 10th Floor NEW - ✨ Multiversal Egg NEW - 🏎️ 2 Extra Cars 🔥 Compete with other players in global leaderboards, check who's the most active player, or who earned the most cash in the game. 🔥 For the changelog of the updates check this: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/game-company-tycoon-changelog/420783 Please tell me if you encounter any problems with the game instead of just pressing the dislike button. 👑 Roblox Premium Users will receive the following benefits in-game: 1 Premium Pet. +100 Gems and 1 Legendary Crate in the daily rewards. Stay tuned!💣 This is a remake of the old Game Dev/Empire Tycoon which is no longer available. I promise this game is at least as good as that one, Just give it a try.

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