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    (I'm planning on revisiting this in the future. Though for now, consider it vaporware.) Not many people care, but since I'm reviewing my profile, I might as well explain what this is. Prinduct Redishur was originally a side project that I wanted to do, but lost interest a while ago. Around that time, high school was picking up, and I wanted to focus on my life for the time being. Originally, this was something I wanted to build: a huge castle that was inside a mountain, with a local village and a spooky forest. I thought once I was done working on it, I would turn it into an RP game, where players could roleplay as humans and undead. Not like vampires, but actual undead creatures, such as skeletons and zombies. This mostly came from my time RPing as undead liches and skeletons, so it might have influenced the direction this game was going. But after some years away, I was thinking about turning this into an actual game. I'm still working out the kinks, but if I ever were to ret

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