Hi! I'm Battleaxx900, everybody's favourite nobody. I've been playing Roblox since the game's golden years, but I don't actively log onto the servers anymore. Instead, I play the role of the wise, old hermit:  if you have a question regarding the game, feel free to PM it my way. HOWEVER, make sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions before you do so to make sure you're not wasting time for both of us. Have a good day, and don't let the teapots bite!


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    Q: Who are you? A: I am Battleaxx900, everybody's favourite nobody. I started playing Roblox in 2007, although I'm no longer actively playing the game. Q: How do you know StickMasterLuke? A: We were good friends during the golden years of Roblox. Good times Q: How often do you log on? A: I haven't played Roblox actively for years. I only log on every now and then to check my messages and deny friend requests. Q: Can you come to my place? A: No. I have better things to do. Q: Will you donate to me? A: No. Begging will get you nowhere in the long run. Q: Will you join my group? A: No. I don't join groups, no matter how cool the name sounds. Q: That's a cool hat! Can I have it? A: No. My hat. Q: Why didn't you accept my friend request? A: Because I have more than enough friends already. Q: I have a message for Stickmasterluke. Can you pass it on for me? A: Sorry, no can do. Try his Twitter. Q: Can I ask you any other question? A: Sure, go ahead!

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