• Blox Hunt | v2.6.4

    Blox Hunt is a hide and seek style game with a twist: you become objects to hide in with the surroundings. Players are randomly selected to become Hiders and Seekers. The Hiders must blend in with the enviroment in order to avoid capture from the Seekers. If caught, they become a Seeker. The game ends if every Hider becomes a Seeker or the time runs out.

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  • Trick or Treat in Hallowsville

    This game is not an official event, meaning you will not receive any prizes from this game. Trick or treat in the neighborhood of Hallowsville! Trade your candy to buy costumes, pets, and candy bags. Explore the town by doing quests and helping out the local residents! Celebrate this year's Halloween in Hallowsville. Follow me on Twitter for updates @Lion2323RBLX Join Silver Fin Studios for updates about the game:

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  • Cosmic Combat

    I shall finish this one.

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