Hello Everyone! My name's Tomatus, and welcome to my Profile! I play Roblox every now and then; but for the most part, I play Xbox with "The Boys" (My Closest Friends). I'm also a YouTuber; but I prefer to upload content that's good quality, so it takes a long time for me to upload videos to my channel. I make whatever I want on my channel,  and I might come off a bit rude even though that isn't the intention of my videos. 

A few things you should know:
 - You should rarely take me seriously. I joke around 90% of the time.
 - I am extremely immature despite being an adult. It's safe to say that I do not act my age.
 - The things I say can be offensive. So if you don't like that, you don't have to talk to me.

If I don't accept your friend request, please don't get offended. I only accept friend requests of people I trust. If I decline your friend request, you can always follow me.Read More


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    ψαrκšï ψαωηω⊕ ψαψru⊕ ψαω†α ψαωrε†ηE .ψα†εレpmε ψαh†šï ψα†⊕ ψαωššεςςα ψαh†ε ψαhε∀α ψαωI ψαωψレη⊕ ,ψαηωO .ψαƒdεレïα ψαhε∀α ψαh†ψE .ψαωgηïηεκαωα ψαrƒm⊕ ψαωεη⊕ ψαdκrα ψαh†ε ψακpεε ψαωrεdr⊕ ψαωηï ψαršレαu†ï ψαdκrα ψαpmr⊕ƒrε ψα†⊕ ψαmη⊕⊕ ψαƒレレu ψαωα ψαωη⊕ ψαmh†η⊕ ψαωα ψαωεςη⊕ ψαhεrε ψαςεm⊕ ψα†⊕ ψαωdεšu ψαςεレςrI ψαωrεηηI ψαh†E .ψαßgηïdレïu ψαωες⊕ ψαmεrε ψαωα ψαյ†šu ψαh†ηα ψαmεr⊕ ψαωšï ψαh†šI Created by: TomatusYT

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