Wҽʅƈσɱҽ ƚσ Mყ Pɾσϝιʅҽ My Name is Bella you say I’m Not a Queen let me Adjust My Crown👸🏻And show U what a Queen is all about step a side I will Always be a True Leader I Have Earned That Respect By Fighting Hard Battles in My Life that u can’t even imagine I Have Falling so Hard & Have Picked Myself Up and build Myself up Stronger and I’m Still Standing A True Queen Don’t Quit Doesn’t t Break A True Queen Leader is Unbreakable & Untouchable Bcuz I Build my own Empire By Growing & Learning and Getting Wiser in Lif3 & By Accepting what’s Right & Wrong “The Real Rise & the Fakes FALL!!Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Title or By it’s Cover Bcuz ur Nobody 2 Judge Read the Book First and By the End then tell me what u think!!What Doesn’t Kill U Makes U Stronger & Wiser 🌹❤️❤️🌹If U Play Ur Cards Right By the End u can Have ur Happy Ending if u let it Happened🔥I’m Coming Back Stronger!!!U Survived what u thought would break u Now straighten that Crown N Move forward like the Queen you are!Read More


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