I make Games and YouTube Videos.

YouTubers that played my games:
DenisDaily - Hello Neighbor Obby
Albertsstuff/Flamingo - Hello ROBLOX Neighbor
Kindly Keyin - Hello ROBLOX Neighbor
Fandroid - Hello ROBLOX Neighbor

Things I don't do 
- Donate to anyone 
- Accept trades that I am obviously losing majorly on 
- I only accept friend requests from friends in real life or close friends if you want to see what I am up to just follow me! 

Keep your circle small, be careful who you trust.

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  • Hello ROBLOX Neighbor

    Welcome, v2.14.40 Whats new? (5/15/18) - New UI system to make navigation easier - Fixed some crashing bugs - New gamepass coming soon Last update (3/23/18) - Now become the Neighbor yourself! - Improved MENU systems! Shutdowns or lost connections might be an update so rejoin if it happened to you! Want to buy the Game passes on the website? Click the link and it'll lead you to the original game with the game passes! Why did I not receive my gamepass? If you bought the gamepass in-game then just simply rejoin or join another server! This game might not be what you think it is but it is a great game... If you enjoyed it please leave a thumbs up and maybe even join the fan group "Hello ROBLOX Neighbor Community" for up coming updates and more! Credits: House - DampThe_Plooper Fan Group Hello Neighbor x Murder Game By: FranklinBankin

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  • Super Sweeper [BETA]

    Welcome to Super Sweeper a game where you try to survive out of 40 people from the sweeper, to avoid it you must jump over it! v1.0.4 Whats New? - Backround music - Repriced shop - Ragdoll dealth Information: Many of you may be coming from my previous game "The Sweeper" well this is the better version I told many of you about. Enjoy! :D Join Our Group!:

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  • Twisted Duels

    v1.2.2 What's New?: - New Radio Gamepass - New Knife Ability Pack - Shop GUI - New Radio GUI (Radio Required) This game is basically PvP with knives and revolvers, you can fight solo or make teams with friends or people you wish to be team with... I hope you guys enjoy! Thumbs up for Updates! If you really enjoy this game and want to support join the fan group you might get a free knife ability or skin!!: * Once you buy a game pass in-game then you will have to rejoin or join a different sever! *

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