• Base Tycoon BETA v0.1

    UPDATE: Helicopters are now added! Please report any problems with them. Repositioned the healing post a little bit so it is more centered and turned the spawn points around so you don't spawn in facing the edge of the map. In this game the goal is to create your base and grow it. You might have to kill a few people though to get to the top! If you enjoyed the game and are excited to see it continue to get updates and improve, thumbs up! It gives me motivation to keep doing what I love doing. BETA Note: I of course plan to add a lot of things that you can buy on the bases but, this is what I came out with for now! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: Minecraft ~ ROBLOX ~ Tycoon ~ Obby ~ Building ~ Horror ~ Town and City ~ Military ~ Comedy ~ Medieval ~ Adventure ~ Sci-Fi ~ Naval ~ FPS ~ RPG ~ Sports ~ Fighting ~ Western ~ Call of Duty ~ Black Ops 2 ~ World at War ~ Zombies ~ Build to Survive ~ Survive the Disasters

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