My name is Caroline. I made clothes frequently for ROBLOX from July/2009 until June/2013.

I want to thank everyone I have met on here over the years. I appreciate all of you, from the ones calling me "noob" in '09, to those appreciating what I had created. To the people I had the pleasure of meeting, playing games with, messaging, and befriending, I am grateful for everyone. You all made me into a better person. If you once knew me, and want to reconnect, feel free to contact me via links on my profile.

As for now, I need to address my health issues. I dealt with fibromyalgia, depression, panic disorder, and CFS since I signed up here. I used clothing as an outlet. I am paying for it, as I now have another condition, ankylosing spondylitis, and it's progressing. If you have symptoms of ANY of these, get treatment as soon as you can - do not wait and distract yourself like I did. It's not nice to always be in pain, you deserve better.

Have a good day! =)

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