• 👽Alien Wars👽 (NEW MAP!)

    👋😄 Welcome to Alien Wars! The newest game from LuckyAura! Using the power of the Cosmolator watch on your arm, transform your DNA into the many different alien species that it offers, and fight it out with strangers and friends! ❗ Please note that this game is still a work in progress! Some things may not work correctly. Report any errors you find and share any suggestions you have by using any of the social links provided on the game page. ❗ Notable updates: NEW MAP! NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! ALSO: Many numerous bug fixes, and new ability to favorite aliens and sort by favorites! CREDITS: LuckyAura - Creator, Builder, Clothes Designer overworded - Former Scripter & Builder SushiWalrus - Watch and chest symbols Tags: Aliens, Fighting, War, Wars, Battle, Battles, Alien Battle, Alien Battles, Alien Fight, Alien Fights, Alien Fighting, Alien War, 10, 23, B-10, B-12, B-23, Game, Games, Omniverse, Omniversal

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  • Dimension 23

    Fight it out in the 23rd Dimension as brand new rebooted versions of existing aliens - where everything that's green is blue in this world.

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  • Flight Fights (BETA)

    Fight it out in the skies with some fun and wacky Roblox gears, and some custom ones as well! You get to fly AND use them at the same time. Get enough points from kills and you can unlock new weapons to use! There will also be a ton of badges to earn for the hardcore badge collectors out there. Just a fun and simple game that I've been wanting to make. I hope you enjoy it once it is playable! Press F to fly, and F again to land.

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