h-hewwO! >wO it is me, ur cute furry game deweloper!! >w< watashi been on woblox since 2009 and dis is my alt accouwnt x3 i wike games, art and muwsic and anime!!! 'u' p-pwease pway my games pretty please! i dedicate a wot of time and effowt into them!  thank yu wevy much!!!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

i'm sorry for closing my inventory ;v; there are just some things i dont want to be stolen and as a result i have to take such precautions because of everything that can happen. but i do like sharing the things i have or made and helping others, so i really hope this can change in the future!
thanks for understanding and once again, i apologize!Read More


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    VERY VERY EARLY TEST DEMO EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE IS A PLACEHOLDER NOTHING HERE IS FINISHED OPENED FOR BUG TESTING IF YOU FIND ANY BUGS PLEASE MESSAGE ME credit to: "huseyincity" for making the thumbnail! thanks for that :D this is my SCP-173. he has an advanced viewing mechanism, pathfinding, head tracking and jumpscare sounds. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION. he has many more features planned and bugs to fix in the future.

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  • SCP-106 Demonstration. (Fan remake)

    Game is currently glitchy and not compatible with mobile yet. I have many plans for the future, sorry for being lazy and slow. Thanks to Brutez for playing and liking this game! DISCLAIMER: This game is merely a remake. The original SCP-106 Demonstration was made by Brutez several years ago but has unfortunately been shut down. Because I missed it a lot and wanted to learn scripting I decided to test myself by recreating it! Thanks to Brutez for the sounds, textures, and of course the original idea. Sorry for being unoriginal, but thank you Brutez for favoriting it and everyone else for supporting it! Another thanks goes to iiMayk for scripting the character footsteps for this game! Go check him out!

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  • SCP-096 Demonstration. (fan remake?)

    left shift to toggle sprint. f to toggle flashlight if you cant reset that means you're the target. you're doomed. the maze is randomly generated. i have a server now where i'll post updates, so check that out if you want to fan remake? maybe you could call it that i guess. well this is just another one of those scp096 games haha like we don't have enough of those amirite. but with a twist!! this one isnt made up of stolen assets and freemodels. ain't that epic??? in the mean time... support the game?? if u want to i guess. i only get like 10% off of gamepasses.... thanks roblox enjoy, i guess.

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  • SCP-178 Demonstration to remember Brutez

    brutez played!!! :flushed: Well, here's something I made a loooong time ago. Very unfinished and unpolished, but it's still pretty nice I think. I never wanted to release it like a demo, but considering recent events I figured maybe it'd be a good idea. With Brutez gone and all of his places shut down, this can use as a memory to remember what he has made. This isn't his, I made it myself, but it's still fairly close to his, so if anyone wants to revisit it, here it is. This might only be fueling the reason he left, but I'll leave that up to you. If you would all prefer I take it down, I see no problem. But I think it would be nice if it stayed. It's sort of a memory, y'know? I always looked up to Brutez when it comes to creating games. So here's something to honour that I guess.

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  • SCP - Lockdown (FE Early Test Release)

    VEEEERY VERY EARLY TEST RELEASE if you find any bugs pleaseee tell me there is sooo much more to be done but i made it accessible just to help test things HUGE CREDIT AND THANKS goes to essarrgee(previously known as SomeRandomGuysrg)!!!!!!! without him this game would not exist, please go check out his stuff, it's worth a look!! a filtering enabled "remake" of SomeRandomGuysrg's SCP-Lockdown, stylised to look and behave as accurate as it can to 2012 roblox lockdown. with the original uncopylocked, it's easy to access all of the game's assets and recreate them from scratch, better and more efficient. this features : - better optimization - less lag - cleaner building - better scripts it will have much more in the future but ey

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  • The Underground War (FIXED)

    "Work as a team to dig your way into the enemy base and steal the enemy flag!" Stickmasterluke's classic game rescripted to work with Filtering Enabled! have fun!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ more features are going to come soon! stay tuned!!! ~ (^w^)/

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