• Shadow Boxing Battles

    This game is based off the trending Shadow Boxing game. Testing JUST STARTED! Will work on more features! Please DM me if you have suggestions or if you find bugs! ⬆ ⬅ ➡ ⬇ HOW TO PLAY: The goal is to make your opponent look in the same direction that you move, which could be either left, right, up, or down. If your move misses, it's your opponent's turn to guess which direction you will look. The first to hit 3 moves in a row wins. patch notes (August 4th, 2023): 2 new finishers, Burger and Firework! I'm very sorry for lack of updates <3 working on new fun modes

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  • The Normal Elevator

    In this game, you ride an absolutely normal elevator. Yep, that's it There are 31 floors in the game currently. VIP SERVER OWNERS: If you own a VIP server, you are given an elevator controller which allows you to choose which floors you want next for the server. [Won BLOXY For Best Art Direction in 2015]

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  • The Normal City (UNCOPYLOCKED)

    Just a normal little place with no secrets whatsoever. ROBLOX BROKE THIS PLACE, so now I have made it open source! This was one of the first games I made (2014), so obviously all the code is a little poop. But now, you can see all the secrets and code that's in the game, enjoy! Instructions: You are given a rocket. I don't recommend using that rocket unless needed. You should explore the whole map, and see how normal this city is. There is a regen button behind the grey office building. Single Player: http://www.roblox.com/games/271055051/The-Normal-City-SINGLE-PLAYER

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