waddup everybody! i'm ericzona, or nowdotheharlemshake.
here's your reminder that everyone that's normal is weird.

follow me if you want to message me! i may not see it because i get an overwhelming amount of messages, but i try to read and reply to the ones I see

i can't accept friend requests i'm sorry, i try to keep it limited to people i know. if i could accept everyone I would, but I get a lot and it'd be unfair of me to accept one fan vs everyone else!

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  • The Normal Elevator (REMASTERED)

    In this game, you ride an absolutely normal elevator. Yep, that's it 3/4/2019: No update! I just want to say thank you all for the support, I appreciate it. We're nearing 2M+ favorites, and I'm planning a nice update. More new floors soon, more items, and HE is coming back. Soon <3 2/22/2019: The game has been remastered. Elevator size upgraded, server size upgraded, floors fixed/upgraded, more floors, a lot more content. Added 5 free animations, fixed leaderboards, added a huge easter egg that'll be hard to complete, and more! If you own a VIP server, you are given a controller "bottom right of screen on computer" that lets you choose which floors you want next or don't want next. [Won BLOXY For Best Art Direction in 2015] Follow the developers on twitter! (we dont post codes or anything but we're cool) NowDoTheHarlemShake: Dapale:

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  • I Love It

    thank you Kanye West and Lil Pump recent update: added lighting (you can customize your lighting now) added fortnite dance

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  • The Normal City (UNCOPYLOCKED)

    Just a normal little place with no secrets whatsoever. ROBLOX BROKE THIS PLACE, so now I have made it open source! This was one of the first games I made (2014), so obviously all the code is a little poop. But now, you can see all the secrets and code that's in the game, enjoy! Instructions: You are given a rocket. I don't recommend using that rocket unless needed. You should explore the whole map, and see how normal this city is. There is a regen button behind the grey office building. Single Player:

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