• The Normal Elevator

    In this game, you ride an absolutely normal elevator. Yep, that's it [Won BLOXY For Best Art Direction in 2015] 6/18/2018: Due to ROBLOX removing certain copyrighted music (, songs in the elevator will be replaced with roblox's APM licensed music. I have put together playlists of the songs that were used in the game before the update, so you can check them out here: Elevator Music: Floor Music: Halloween Music: Christmas Music: Follow the developers on twitter! (we dont post codes or anything but we're cool) NowDoTheHarlemShake: Dapale:

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  • The Normal City

    Just a normal little place with no secrets whatsoever. RECOMMENDED: Wear your headphones while playing. Instructions: You are given a rocket. I don't recommend using that rocket unless needed. You should explore the whole map, and see how normal this city is. There is a regen button behind the grey office building. Single Player:

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