waddup you awesome person!! hope you have a great time on my profile :D

i don't accept friend requests because of roblox's limit, but i will follow you if you want me to :D

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  • The Normal Elevator

    Join this group to see suggest ideas and see future updates for [NEW NORMAL GAME] In this game, you ride an absolutely normal elevator. Yep, that's it [Won BLOXY For Best Art Direction in 2015] 4/11/2018 SMALL UPDATE: The game is currently testing translation to Spanish. If you find any problems with the translations, please message me so I can fix it! (El juego actualmente está probando la traducción al español. Si encuentra algún problema con las traducciones, ¡por favor envíeme un mensaje para que pueda solucionarlo!) Gavin badge is fixed. Follow the developers on twitter! (we dont post codes or anything but we're cool) NowDoTheHarlemShake: Dapale:

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  • The Normal City

    Just a normal little place with no secrets whatsoever. RECOMMENDED: Wear your headphones while playing. Instructions: You are given a rocket. I don't recommend using that rocket unless needed. You should explore the whole map, and see how normal this city is. There is a regen button behind the grey office building. Single Player:

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