• Mega Fun Obby [❄️1715 Stages]

    Play Roblox's longest obby, Mega Fun Obby! With over 1500 stages and more every week there are plenty of hours of fun to play by yourself or with some friends! FAVORITE / FOLLOW MY NEW OBBY COMING NEW YEARS' Watch my newest youtube video! Update 12.7 - 5 new stages! Follow my twitter @BloxtunRoblox for news Join my group! Developed and Built by Bloxtun (@BloxtunRoblox) Scripted by Wrathsong (@WrathsongHS)

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  • [New] Space Obby

    Stage Count: 175 Please be sure to let me know if you come across any issues so I can fix them! Old obby moved from my group Elite Obbies Inc. and remastered to have all new scripts and the classic UI design from my main obby: Mega Fun Obby Be sure to join the group!

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  • Mega Fun Obby 2 [260Stages]

    This is the sequel to Mega Fun Obby! Please leave a thumbs up! It is GREATLY appreciated! Current Stage Count: [260] Updated 3.20.18 with the newest scripts / UI found on Mega Fun Obby. Will regularly be adding new stages soon! Yes I know it is very easy. It will get progressively harder, I just did not want to make it too difficult for new players who have never tried an obby before. Be kind to new players, help them out, don't make fun of them. Have a great time y'all! :) **Items you buy will disappear when you die or rejoin. This is because they are developer products.**

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