• Mega Fun Obby 🌟 1845 Stages

    ⭐ Play Roblox's longest obby, Mega Fun Obby! With over 1800 stages and more every week there are plenty of hours of fun to play by yourself or with some friends! ⭐ PLAY OUR NEW GAME! 🎬 Watch my latest YouTube video! 🎬 😃 PLAY THE SEQUEL! Update June 15th, 2019 - 5 new stages - New code on my twitter! Follow my twitter @iambloxtun for codes! Join my group! 🔨 Developed and Built by Bloxtun (@iambloxtun) 📜 Scripted by Wrathsong (@WrathsongHS) 📜 Scripted and UI by Zenuvius

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  • Mega Fun Obby 2 ✨235 Stages!

    ✨ Welcome to the sequel of the very famous Mega Fun Obby! This obby is much more well made, since I've had years of experience from my first obby, and I think you will love it! PLAY OUR NEW GAME! Shutdown = New stages or new codes! Follow my Twitter @iambloxtun for codes! 🙌 235 stages so far but many more to come! 👍Please thumbs up to let me know if you enjoy it! ⭐Favorite & follow to be one of the first to play when I update! ❗ Updates every few days! Check back to complete the new stages! ❗ Testing out using different materials for obstacles to make them more unique, as well as learning blender to create 3d models.

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  • [New] Space Obby

    Stage Count: 175 Please be sure to let me know if you come across any issues so I can fix them! Old obby moved from my group Elite Obbies Inc. and remastered to have all new scripts and the classic UI design from my main obby: Mega Fun Obby Be sure to join the group!

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