Every month I wear a different cancer awareness ribbon. This is to raise awareness, not saying that if you buy it you support cancer, but rather that you support the awareness of cancer through education on symptoms and treatment.

18. Lots of stuff changing, I'm trying to be active. Message me for any suggestions for games or obstacles that you would like to see!Read More

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  • [115] Epic Noob Obby

    Welcome to the Epic Noob Obby! This is my latest obby game and I hope you enjoy it! Are you the ultimate noob? This obby is for you! *This obby is meant to be EASY that is why it is called "Epic Noob Obby". This isn't meant to challenge you, just be a time waster and a more fun obby for newer players. If you have nothing positive to say, keep it to yourself.* Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! I want to get a good like/dislike ratio goin ;) Let me know if you come across any bugs, I think I squashed most of them but just message me if you come across any! Current Stage Count: 100 Stages will be coming frequently! I hope you enjoy this game! Credit to PacificHaze for creating the lobby and winners areas! Check out his games! 5.25.17 - custom chat gui

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  • [965]Mega Fun Obby

    FAVORITE MY NEW OBSTACLE DASH GAME TO BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO PLAY! MY NEW OBBY IS OUT! BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO PLAY! Do you have what it takes to beat the most popular obstacle course on ROBLOX? Join my NEW group where you can play the BEST obbies on ROBLOX! **Speed Coil, Gravity Coil, Radio, and Rainbow Carpet are all dev products which means that when you die they disappear!** 5.25.17 - 10 New Stages - BRAND NEW LOBBY - New Chat Gui (@ROBLOX Shutting my game down was not what I intended as a huge update hahahaha)

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  • [110] Fun Easy Obby!

    - PLEASE THUMBS UP! It encourages me so much! - Badges every 5 stages! - Only 105 stages so far (: - Small winners, I will definitely add more, I just needed something quick (: 1.29.17 - 5 New stages! More coming soon, sorry for the delay! Commenting has been disabled because of the outrageous amount of spammers and scammers. If you have any complaints or suggestions please ####### ## as soon as possible! (: love to hear all criticism, good and bad so I can make my game more enjoyable for you!!

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