• Mega Fun Obby 🌟 2020 Stages!

    Play Roblox's longest and most fun obstacle course game! With currently 2000 stages, you'll be sure to have a blast playing this game for hours by yourself, or with friends and family! LAST UPDATE: October 19th, 2019 - Added 5 stages - Finally figured out how to fix the spawns so now players shouldn't get stuck in the stage platforms! Check out the sequel! Mega Fun Obby gets updated every few days, so be sure to come back and check for new stages! I post skip codes on my twitter! 🔨Builder🔨 - Bloxtun ( 📜 Scripter 📜 - Wrathsong 📜 Scripter / UI 📜 - Zenuvius

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  • Mega Fun Obby 2 ✨370 Stages!

    ✨ Welcome to the sequel of the very famous Mega Fun Obby! This obby is much more well made, since I've had years of experience from my first obby, and I think you will love it! PLAY OUR NEW GAME! Shutdown = New stages or new codes! Follow my Twitter @iambloxtun for codes! 🙌 370 stages so far but many more to come! 👍Please thumbs up to let me know if you enjoy it! ⭐Favorite & follow to be one of the first to play when I update! ❗ Updates every day! Check back to complete the new stages! ❗ Testing out using different materials for obstacles to make them more unique, as well as learning blender to create 3d models.

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  • [New] Space Obby

    Stage Count: 175 Please be sure to let me know if you come across any issues so I can fix them! Old obby moved from my group Elite Obbies Inc. and remastered to have all new scripts and the classic UI design from my main obby: Mega Fun Obby Be sure to join the group!

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