I am an adventurous, and crazy Kiwi teen girl. 
ROBLOX Professions
~Roblox General Hospital - PGY-2
~StraightSMILE - Board of Directors 
~Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital - Chairman
Role Play Name - Talia Rose LeStrange
Father - Alex LeStrange
My BFF's (People I know in real life)
Notable Roblox Friends
Favourite Quotes
"Be yourself, everyone else is taken." -Oscar Wilde
"Honestly, I'm the only honest person I've come across in my life." - 2010rouge
"All great empires must fall, except RGH and 4th" - IttyBittyNinjaKitty


  • II NEW GAME PASSES II Play around and have fun !

    *ALSO NEW* I have made VIP Servers as cheap as possible so if you want to have a private conversation here when others are on you can for a reasonable price and you know that you won't be bothered. *NEW* From now on, the Medium and High Donation Passes will give you admin! (The symbol for admin is "-") It's definately not the best place in ROBLOX, but you can still have fun, play around with friends, roleplay, drive around, use paths, dance, be silly, and much more. Enjoy! It's my first place, I used free models and I was being really random, so no hate please (I don't mind CONSTRUCTIVE feedback), I'm not the best builder. Enjoy anyways!!! XD

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