• [💰x2]🔪Survive the Slasher!

    👍NEXT CODE AT 76K LIKES! ⭐Newest Code: '75K' Thank you for 75K Likes! 💖 😊Join PlayBox for a FREE 2,500 cash gift! Claim gift in the lobby! 🎁Gift refreshes every update! 🏃Survivor - You are a Survivor. Your objective is to hide and not let the Slasher find you. Survive the night and Win! 🔪Slasher - You are the Slasher. Your objective is to kill and eliminate any remaining Survivors. If you don't, you lose. 📦Created by PlayBox! 📌Tags - Survive, Survival, Killer, Slasher, Scary, Horror, Spooky, Survival the, Survive the, Night. Eats

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