Went to RDC NA 2018, proud member of the Radical Donkey Congs team.
I'm a film student that's been making videos for ten years, and playing Roblox for nine. I also made Meme Tycoon, Roblox's only premier gamer experience.
Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for cool Roblox-related videos including trailers for cool games.
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  • Meme Tycoon

    Scroll down to Social Media and join the Disk Goard server to discuss Meme Tycoon with fellow enthusiasts and to check out sneak peeks on future updates! (You can also find these links in the trailer description) Game Icon and Trailer Thumbnail by HasTheHero Join the Meme Tycoon Fan Club! All of the Meme Bucks you earn, including what you've spent, is saved. However, Tycoons themselves are NOT saved. All memes in this tycoon are tailored to YOUR gameplay experience! No other tycoon has this many memes! Build your Meme Towerâ„¢ today!

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  • Climb the Largest Wall on ROBLOX

    "Why climb this?" you may ask. There is no asking. Only climbing. If you manage to beat this, it will be your only notable accomplishment in life.

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