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I'm a college student studying film that's been making videos for over ten years. I also made Meme Tycoon, Roblox's premier meme gaming experience.
Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for funny Roblox-related videos, including trailers for coolboy-approved games.

Went to RDC NA 2018, planning on going again this August!

Follow me to send me a message, I like to keep my inboxes clean so I'll definitely read whatever you send me (though I may not reply).
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  • Meme Tycoon 🤡

    New update! 🤯 GUI Windows are fixed, Meme Hell is harder, shadowmaps, and new memes galore! Meme Tycoon is a game that will exceed all of your expectations. It is arguably the only "meme game" on Roblox that was made with actual effort involved. Don't believe me? Here are some of it's features: 🔸Literally hundreds of memes, both well known and obscure 🔹Memes go up in quality the further up the tower you go 🔸Traditional Roblox button tycoon gameplay you know and love, with a unique conveyor system for earning Meme Bucks 🔹Engaging PVP combat 🔸Music Player filled with a huge selection of songs 🔹Several hidden dimensions to explore with their own tycoons to complete 🔸THE DEEPEST LORE Trailer thumbnail by BlunnyWithAGun. Icon by FishSmoothie. Join the Meme Tycoon Fan Club! ⚠️IMPORTANT: All of the Meme Bucks you earn, including what you've spent, is saved. However, Tycoon Towers themselves are NOT saved.

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  • Climb the Largest Wall on ROBLOX

    "Why climb this?" you may ask. There is no asking. Only climbing. If you manage to beat this, it will be your only notable accomplishment in life.

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