I go by the name of Sy. Active since '012. 

Upcoming Developer | DevForum Member | Gym Fanatic | Ex-Trader 

Life is gaining on me, soon to reach adulthood.. How time flies! 

- I do not friend random people, follow me instead. 
- Want to send me a message? Follow me. 
- Ex-Trader, highest value was 1.13m (2015 - 2020) 

Development: Currently working on a tycoon, you'll see! 

Some stuff I've worked on:
- Upblox Paradise
- Enchanted Vibes

- I do building, modelling & some animation 

Goals for 2020: 
- Get my drivers license (Probably won't be happening due to the virus) 
- DevEx atleast once ✅ 
- Major calisthenics improvements ✅ 

Follow me on Twitter: @Syveloper 

Anyone else claiming to be me is NOT. 
Shout-out to my bredrin @Disglair


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