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Creator of Super Bomb Survival & the Roblox Adventure series. I like making games that anybody can enjoy. If you have any questions, bug reports, or just want to keep track of my projects, follow me on Twitter @PolyhexGames.Read More

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  • Super Bomb Survival!!

    Super Bomb Survival is a physics-based survival game where it's raining explosives from the sky! Join your friends & enemies alike in this frantic scramble to avoid explosions of all kinds! You can even buy Skills & Perks at the game's Survival Shop to tailor your character to your playstyle, or hang out in the arcade and goof off.

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  • Polyhex's Old Games

    This little place contains teleports to games I've cancelled, left unfinished, or have just lost to time. Pretty much all of it is pre-2010.

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  • Roblox Adventure: The Rise of Nobeesi

    This game is old. The original Roblox Adventure trilogy comes to a close as Roblox is overcome by a dark force that's absorbing the creative energy from Roblox itself! Collect the Roblox Tokens and restore Roblox to its former glory before it's too late! Don't know which Tokens you have left to find? Just pop open your brand-new Adventure Guide and take a peek! This game was made a good while ago, so sorry for any bugs or lag you encounter. Despite that, it's a classic!

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  • SBS Beta

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  • (OLD) Roblox Adventure Labs

    OLD/OUTDATED. Development of RA is now here: https://www.roblox.com/games/1046850850/Roblox-Adventure-Labs CONTROLS (PC): E key: Somersault (while running), throw held object F key: Pick up nearby object, throw held object Spacebar: Long jump (while somersaulting), Double jump (after jumping) CONTROLS (Gamepad/Xbox controller): X button: Somersault (while running), throw held object Y button: Pick up nearby object, throw held object A button: Long jump (while somersaulting), Double jump (after jumping)

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