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  • Test All Your ROBLOX Gears And Battle!

    This place will allow u to test ALL UR GEARS! PLEASE READ: THIS GAME HAS CHANGED ALOT SO BE WARNED!! Rules: No abusing, No bad language, Play fair, No spawn killing, No hacking and Be nice to one another! If u break any of these rules ur banned and if u see someone breaking one of these rules P.M me straight away tell me there name and I will ban them from this game :) Thanks and I hope you have fun :)! READ:There is Chat Voice on this game but the intro doesn't come on though so you will have to just wait for it to load without the intro! I will be having a look at it but in the mean time just wait for it to load without the intro! Hope You Have Fun!! Bumknuckles18

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  • A Foxy Chase In The Dark....

    -THIS GAME WAS PREVIOUSLY SURVIVE FOXY AND THE MARIONETTE IN AREA 51- Can you find the hidden teleporter to the Winners in the dark without getting killed by foxy? -WARNING- This game will be very dark, making it harder to know if Foxy is nearby and making you jump, I don't recommend people with faint hearts, people who aren't used to horror games and people who are under 11 to play this game, the following recommendations i have just given to the following people who have one of these symptoms, doesn't mean they can't play it, it is just a suggestion or something to be weary about. -EXTRA NOTE- The maximum players for each server is 4. Can you make it out? Good Luck!

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