Hello, I'm Thegameboy (as you can probably surmise). I'm a manager for the popular brickbattling group Temple of Brickbattle. That means that if you ever need a ranktest, be sure to message me or any other managers, and we'll try to make time for you!

If you've already tested and want a retest, you'll need to wait two weeks minimum before I test you again.Read More


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    This is The Colosseum, the arena where Black Flame tournaments are held. It packs various maps, each designed to test a different aspect of brick battle. Proudly uses Cmdr as admin commands. Press semicolon to open the command line. Type "help" to see a list of all commands. Some are available to all and have "Any" after their names. WARNING: This arena is for brick battlers only. If you are caught spamming one tool only (sword, rocket) during a tournament, you will be banned from the current tournament and will have to wait until the next one. Last update: - Added custom teams! New commands are AddTeam, RemoveTeam, and Balance. Maximum of 8 custom teams. You can find additional information on the admin command line. - Custom teams will not be able to damage teammates. - CTF mode has been added! So far only Chaos Canyon (map cc) supports it. Command SetupCTF sets up flags and creates Red and Blue teams. - Logs added, as "logs". Must use admin console to view it!

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