🍕Hello, there my fellow Robloxians! I'm Skittles!🍕

Follow me to message me! You can do this by clicking to "..." At the top right of this page or you can always message me on my twitter @SkittlesRoblox. Before messaging me here are some things you should know: 

โ— I do not accept friend requests as the Roblox friend limit is 200 and I have over 250,000 friend requests, It wouldn't be fair to others.
โ— I cannot ban people from my games. 
โ— I do read every message but not always will respond. 


Roblox is an extremely amazing place for all sorts of things, Including:
โ—  Learning 
โ—  Exploring 
โ—  Developing  
โ—  And most importantly, Powering imagination! 


 17 | Developer | Scripter [Average l o l] | Builder | Graphics Designer.

[Note] - DemSkittlesDoee on Xbox is NOT me and same with any other account on a console for that matter. Do not associate me with any account unless I've officially stated it is mine.


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    Enjoy the game? Give the game a Thumbs Up (👍) and a Favourite (โญ๏ธ) To show your support! (: Welcome to 💎Topia💎 👨Create friends, 🏠Own a home, 🐶Own a pet, 🐱Be a pet, 🎉Party at Club Miami. Topia is full of fun things to do, Topia is Powering Imaginationโ„ข! โญ Join DemSkittlesDoee's Official Development/Fan group For update information on the game! 🔔Or click the Follow button for news and updates on Topia DemSkittlesDoee - Builder, Graphics, Scripter & Creator. 0_0 - Assistant Scripter

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    Enjoy the game? Give the game a Thumbs Up (👍) and a Favourite (โญ๏ธ) To show your support! (: โ˜… Join DemSkittlesDoee's Official Development/Fan group for FREE VIP EFFECTS: Once you Join the group, Go on Robloxian Life and click Player controls (The red button on the left) and click on "VIP" In the Avatar Editor. Credit to ColdDeveloper and WelpNathan for helping with scripting

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