Hello all! I have been on Roblox since 2008, and I've been active ever since (Well, mostly active). Although much of Roblox has changed in both good and bad ways, the core concept of Roblox is what has kept me coming back: Creating. 
As such, that is where you will see me a lot of time when I am online. The places I've sunk the most time into are Mario Kart Blox, Swim Craft (or whatever it's named now), and Green Water Rapids, so check those out. The places I have been working on have timestamps in the titles, so you can find what's newest that way. Any suggestions of comments you have on them are welcome. :)
Message me if you would like to chat or you have a suggestion for me. 
Important Individuals: Mixernxer, Jasonheart22, pugman, Tubeno7, AOxPro, Bowser1018, [Insert someone I forgot here]
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  • Destroy... EVERYTHING!

    It was ROBLOX's idea.

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  • Mario Kart Blox - Grand Prix June 25, 2016

    Latest (Actual) Update: 6/27/2016 - Boost GUI is now animates much better. Rudimentary controller support added (X for boost, RT forward, LT backward). And it now works with menus! (DPad to vote, Y to change mode, and bumpers for resetting) NOTICE: The new cars don't work with items yet - although they are much better otherwise. :) I will probably overhaul the system completely, so we'll see what happens... News: 6/22/2016 Spawning cars at the start of the race is now much smoother and cooler looking. My 6 hours doing this were probably spent elsewhere, but I don't really care. :D ...Except none of this actually works in online mode and I just broke the game. So I'll revert it for now and fix it tomorrow. Oh well.

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  • Mountain Passage

    ~ NOTE: The name is temporary until I start work again. This will be an action RPG, but it is currently a tech demo. A very grand tech demo. ~ ~ Ziplines, ahoy! At this point, ziplines only work intermittently in online mode. Press the spacebar to try the zipline again. It may take several tries, but when it works... it actually works well. Hopefully I can get this fixed. ~ ~ My mission for SwimCraft is to test how large of a world I can make within the limits of Roblox. I plan to make a functioning, sizable, and interesting world for exploration. Roblox has had many role-playing games in the past, but my main goal is to make one that feels substansial in scope, thus making a more immersive world. I may or may not complete it, but I will certainly try.

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  • Test Place: Fire, Zipline, Rain & more

    This is my test place where I have shown off some of my scripting powress to create some nifty things. Some of these I will use in my other places, some of them were just for fun. YOu can see my progress on them below. Current status: Fire: 92% (works; waiting for dynamic lighting) Rain: 56% (mostly works; needs improvement) Zipline: 35% (Works, Course is 15% complete) Handglider: 0% (none) Camera Workspaces: 17% (host brick set up) Swimming:0% (none) Examine/Chat tool: 5% (beginning) Post thoughts or ideas in the comments.

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  • 綠水瀧~Green Water Rapids

    NOTE: This place is a work in progress (at least when I get to working on it again). Not everything is functional or finalized, however it is still playable. Thank you. Green Water Rapids is my aptempt to make a great white water rafting adventure on Roblox. It will eventually have 5 rafting courses and 2 battle rides. I'll imput a GUI menu, badges, and DP Saving. So far 1 course is done. I'm currently about 2/3 through the second course. Then, I'll work on the interface and rafting stability.

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