ok im wiz so my story....a very sad one begined by masterlordunknowXX and he was the salve own by ---->me.we domnated a game called "melia wafar" and we owned all the land and we "pwnd the pepole And run" so i was called : the wizard legend and everone was scarred and run from me.but then the game was stroyed and somone killd too many peple and i can not end them with my powers.... very sad story of wiz master of jariar and all of whiez accs and even more blcak pepole and the best playr in the word. plese go to masterlordunknowXX for more detai l.by the way this story is unknowed and if u tell others u will be hunt and become a silave to:me. so beware..: 'manicing sign'


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