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  • The RPG Makers

    Settings to be ranked up: GREAT System: Rank-Up 1: You must have a complete visible chezburger, if it is not visible you will not be able to obtain this rank. Rank-Up 2: Add tacos and some spaghetti, this will allow you to reach this rank, having a soup kitchen at this point will help a lot. Rank-Up 3: Meal is fully finished and complete, sides have different tastes, textures, and complement the main dish . Rank-Up 4: Make another meal and finish it completely, it will be judged by either Splashsky, or Valgas12. It is recommended to get your original meal well-known first before making a new meal. This will boost your morale. Rank-Up 5: Make a delightful, delicious cuisine pizza, and have Biowulf consume it. If he deems it worthy, then you may be ranked up to this rank. . . However if he does not. You cannot receive this rank until you start-over in the kitchen. Administrator Rank: Recommended by most members, this applies to all higher ranks before Moderator.

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  • Ro-Fortress2 FanClub

    RF2 is closed, sorry. I'm angry that it had to come to this, but the game is really beyond repair due to roblox updates. First they messed up global variables, then the meshes, and then when they claimed to have "fixed" the lag problems that bricks create, it made it worse. If you still want to play a good roblox fangame of TF2, go to crunch225's TF2 game, it's quite good.

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  • :3

    Make :3 your primary if you like :3 Rank up by being :3!

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  • ♥ Bunny Lovers ♥

    This Group is for Anyone who Loves Bunnys!If you hate them dont join!

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