• 💥SEASON 1! Murder 15

    Welcome to Murder 15 - Play the classic murder-style genre with mixed game modes! Available on PC, console, and mobile. Active codes: Halloween19 Welcome to Season 1: may the top clans win. 11/11: -Clans are here! -19 prize items + $2,700 reward for completing Season 1 -Added 2 new stock items -Bug fixed for loot giver not dropping high rarity items Group & T-Shirt: Songs: Icon Art: Lorc, Delapouite & Contributors Like and follow this game for codes, update alerts, and more!

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  • Murder 15 Sandbox

    Exclusive for testing upcoming updates for Murder 15 - nothing will transfer to the official Murder 15 game. Expect periodic shutdowns. The actual game can be found here:

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