Hi i'm panwellz, i make games on roblox with destruction in focus. 

I mostly work on car crushers 2 when i'm online, If you have bug report or suggestion for car crushers 2 , feel free to send me a message! I read them all and reply when i can.Read More

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  • Car crushers v.2.9

    Car Crushers 2 is open for beta testing: Welcome to Car crushers, the perfect game when you just feel like destroying stuff for fun. There are currently 49 unlockable vehicles and 18 different crushers to smash your vehicle in! Join this group to get access to 3 exclusive vehicles: v2.9 update log: - The game now uses FilteringEnabled - Fixed GUIs being tiny on small screens - Fixed the M1A1 Tank and LAV-AD not moving on conveyors - Fixed the crowbar glitching away parts and not giving 25% extra money - Fixed VIP doors not working for all players owning the right gamepass

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