Proud of SCP Containment Breach for being nominated for the ROBLOX Hall of Fame 2013. Couldn't of done it without you fans and players!

I don't accept friend requests or reply to PM's.
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- Nominee for best use of dynamic lighting in a horror game/ best horror game in the Hall of Fame awards September 2013. Thank you all for your support.

= FAQ =

Q. Why do you not accept friend requests?
A. I don't accept friend requests because my account is a place holder. You can send one of the main developers (Focalize, ExosXguy and Ocellus) a friend request.

Q. Why are there no updates?
A. The game is tedious to work on, we're soon going to revamp most of its features. Be patient and there will be updates.


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  • SCP: Containment Breach [ Alpha-0.01re1 ]

    ~ Alpha-0.01re1 ~ & S [ A game created by Bytesoft Studio ] Join here: Last Release: > fixed sprint > fixed jump removal > fixed third-person bug This game is currently in its alpha stage - leave suggestions on the Bytesoft Studio group wall. We're aware of the current bugs and they will be fixed in the overhaul release which we have planned. [ ! ] FPS Throttlers/ WalkSpeed manipulating will be crashed on entry. You have been warned.

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