My productivity is maximized when it's night. Something about the absence of light and the way things change when it gets dark. The way the stars reflect a creative spark. A source of fuel to drive my passion a little taller. Memorable experiences are on the way - Nightcaller



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  • Block Mall

    This game is about owning or working in shops in a mall. There is a variety of shops as well as activities to do. Once a shop is completed you will be awarded a badge and given a cash register that allows players to buy products from your shop. Thanks to all the players and supporters of this mall! Updates will come the more they are requested. Feel free to message me for any urgent issues, suggestions or supportive feedback.

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  • Classic Home Tycoon

    Home Tycoon is back! After so many requests I had to bring back the tycoon nostalgia. Updates on this game will not happen often unless something cirtical is effecting the game play. See my profile for the new version of this game! (Homestead)

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  • 🏠 Homestead [Alpha]

    A classic home role play game that involves purchasing a home, upgrading it and exploring the environment. 🎆HUGE THANKS TO THE PLAYERS!!! 100 MILLION PLACE VISITS!!! 🎆 - 🏠New home - 🚗New cars (coming soon) - 🏕️New environment - 🏢New city (coming soon) - 👔New jobs (coming soon) Status Update: Homestead is undergoing heavy development that will lead to the release of several new features and hopefully the beta stage. The complexity of the project has prolonged the update schedule, but the project is still alive. For any urgent concerns or issues please follow me and send me a direct message. Predicted Update Release: Estimated within the next few months Please 👍like and ⭐favorite this game to encourage future updates!

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