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    You have entered the land of sports, a virtual arena for competitive adventure seekers. Explore the fun and gear up in new sports equipment in real life. 🎮 Game updates: For all game updates, join the community! (link below) Note! Hacking the game will result in an automatic ban. Wins are limited to one win per account. Games inside: 🏃 RUN: A multiplayer game for you to try with friends. Ready, set, go – run through the obstacle course and try to cross the finish line faster than your opponent. 🦈 PARKOUR: A thrilling race from point A to point B. Test your coordination and jumping skills over a pool full of sharks. Parkour! 📢 New game announcements on Sport land social networks – follow and be the first to train for the upcoming race. 🏆 Winners get Sport land gift cards (redeemable on the official website): 1st place – 150 EUR 2nd place – 100 EUR 3rd place – 50 EUR Good luck in the arena!

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